Formally offering Rhino Linings, we now offer Reflex Sprayed-On truck bed linings to our customers.  After investigating the other products available (LINE-X, Ultimate Linings, Pro-Tec Linings, Bull Hide, Simms, Herculiner, Amerigard, Gator Liners, and a variety of other Polyurethane products) we decided on Refles Spray on Truck bed liners for your customers.  
Did They Really Think This Liner
Would Protect This Truck?
Why Should You Let Us Install Your New Bedliner,
or Why Purchase  Your Sprayed-on Truck Bed Lining
or Your Truck Accessories From Us.

We Take It Personal!
We Want Our Customers To Know That They Got A Great Deal
On Their Truck Accessories,
We Want Them To Be Proud Of Their New Sprayed On Liner.  

We Simply Do Not Believe That You Can Get
A Better
Sprayed On Liner From Anybody Else!  
We Intend To Keep It That Way.

Tom Wells                                                                        Terry Wells
Laurel Hill, NC                                                                         Albemarle,
    For Sale
    Rhino Linings Equipment

    We have equipment to furnish a complete bedliner shop.  Save
    thousands of dollars when setting up your new shop or replacing
    equipment in your existing shop.  This machine has been well
    maintained, and was running well when shut down.  It was flushed with
    Rhino Flush and the openings were capped.  We have (extra)
    recently rebuilt pumps, and a large selection of spare parts and
    accessories.  References available.  

    Please call Tom at 910-462-0100
Formally Using Rhino Linings Sprayed on polyurethane bed linings - Now applying Reflex Sprayed
Now with Reflex Sprayed on polyurethane bed linings we can apply almost any color.  Both the
Laurel Hill and the Albemarle, NC locations have made the change from Rhino Linings to Reflex.  

Now in addition to our truck accessories we offer Reflex Sprayed on polyurethane bed linings.  

We also offer a product to recolor those other liners ( Rhino Linings, Line-X, etc. ) that loose their
color and shine.  Make them look good - Almost as good as our Reflex polyurethane sprayed on bed
Building Our Reputation One Truck At A Time!
There are a number of products that will give you and "acceptable" liner.  We feel that we have found the best product for
our customers.  The difference that we offer is the
Quality Workmanship.  We apply all liners personally, We work to give
you a good looking - even finish, and we apply a HEAVY coat.  (It cost us more than those who are willing to apply a thin job,
but we want our customers to be
proud of their liners).

We are Sprayed-on Truck Bed Lining "Specialist" - We DO NOT offer bed liners as an afterthought to our business.  

Visit us in
Laurel Hill, NC or in Albemarle, NC.  For Your Next Sprayed-on Truck Bed Liner and Your Truck Accessories!
There is a reason our website is located at  We give more than is necessary to get a good
job.  We don't want our liners to be one of the "good" ones, we expect our work to be compared with the "best".  
We would rather give all our customers a heavy duty liner than to make repairs in those that fail.

We now offer Professionally Applied Sprayed-on Truck Bed Linings at both Laurel Hill & Albemarle, NC.  
Our system gives our customers a super tuff truck bed liner in Vibrant Colors that extend all the way through the
liner - Not Just Painted On The Surface like some of our competition.  
Sandhills Linings & Accessories, Inc.
19101 Corbitt Rd
Laurel Hill, NC 28351
910-462-0100                                                   Tom Wells
2311 E. Main St (Hwy 24/27)
Albemarle, NC 28001
704-986-2427                                        Terry Wells
Not Just Another Pretty Liner
An Investment In Your Truck!
Why Didn't They Ask?
I don't know how many ways to say this!
When you buy your accessories without checking us out first,
You Will Probably Pay Too Much.
You loose because you pay too much
For a new way to get your accessories, call us for a quote.
Tom Wells
The Brains Behind This Outfit!
Terry Wells
We have recently expanded to offer strobes, beacons, lightbars, push bars, and almost any other items used to equip emergency services vehicles.

We offer strobes, lightbars, wenches, fixed light heads, and a number of other items for service trucks and equipment.

The chief difference between us and other suppliers of strobes, lightbars, beacons, push bars, and related items is simple.  We are trying to offer as many of the
items that you need in one place, saving you time and money when equipping your vehicle.  We will install most of the strobes, beacons, and lightbars, that we offer.  

We also understand that our competition is THE INTERNET!  And we plan to be competitive.  

We do not have a large staff.  We give each customer PERSONAL attention.  Our aim is to develop permanent long time relationships with our customers.  

Think of us when you need a strobe, lightbar, beacon, wench, push bar, siren, vest, vehicle camera, partition cage barrier, or other similar items used in fire and law
enforcement, emergency services, or when equipping a service vehicle.